Our Food Menu

> La Starters

    All our starters are priced at £3.45

    FRIED BABY CALAMARI: deep fried baby calamari served with rocket: salad & sweet tartare mustard sauce

    MOZZARELLA SALAD: baby mozzarelLa, cherry tomatoes, seasoned with basil pesto & olive oil

    CHICKEN WINGS: grilled chioken wings served with side salad & coleslaw

    BABY MOZZARELLA BREAD: garlic butter, salsa sauce, fresh rocket, chopped tomatoes, seasoned with balsamic, parmesan cheese

    GARLIC BREAD: Tortilla base bread, garlic butter with or wthout cheese

    GRILLED HALLOUMI: grilled halLoumi cheese served with rocket salad

    NACHOS: tex-mex totopos covered in salsa sauce jalapenos, guacamole, yoghurt & melted cheese

    HOUMMUS: your choice spicy or plain served with warm pita

    TORTILLA: mini tortill rolled in spicy chicken, onion and peppers served with coleslaw

> La Wraps

    All wrap contain cheese and are toasted served with house salad, crispy house fries, creamy coleslaw. All are £6.45

    RELLA RAP: mozzarella sun dried tomatoes, caramelised onion and basil

    VEGEZ: sundried tomato, roasted peppers, olives and mushrooms

    SPRING: chicken, chives, spring onion and mozzarella

    ZOLLA: gorgonzola cheese, grape & thyme

    ROCKEESE: goat cheese, caramelised onion, rocket & peppers

    TOPOPS-WRAPIDO: chicken, nachos, jalapeno, cheese & salsa sauce

    SELMINAS FAV: soujuk, crispy fries, peppers, cheese

    BAARBEEQUU: BBQ chicken strips, mushrooms, onion & cheese

    SWEETIE-CHICK: chicken, hallorri, carrot & sweet chilli sauce

> Da Propa Pasta

    All pastas served with crispy house salad and warm bread. All pastas £7.25

    SHHHPAGETTO BOLOGNESE: grounded beef, lumpy tomato sauce with parmesan cheese on top

    RAVIOLLLE: ricotta cheese filled with baby spinich topped with SELMINAS special pornarino sauce, parmesan & freah basil

    LAZZIAN: layered minced beef in bechanel sauce with tomato sauce topped with melted cheese

    CHICKENARA: chicken, sun dried tomato, peppers, creamy sauce, basil pesto & melted cheese

    SPICE UP YA LIFE: chicken, onion, garlic, peppers, cherry tomato, SELMINAS special sauce & cheese

    PRAWNY: king prawns, carrot, onion, sun dried tomato served with creamy tomato sauce

> Burger Baby

    All our burgers baby are served with crispy house fries, creamy coleslaw and fresh salad

    KLASSY KLASSIC £5.45: gourmet beef/chicken burger with cheese & salad

    ONION-SLAW £6.95: gourmet beef burger onion rings, scoop of coleslaw and melted cheese

    PORCHE £7.95: gourmet beef burger grilled onion and peppers, melted cheese & onion rings on your gearstick

    MR SUJUKKAH £8.25: gourmet beef burger topped with grilled soujuk, jalapenos & cheese

    CHOPPER £7.45: chopped up gourmet beef burger, caramrlised onion, cheese, rocket & mushroom

    ROCK IT £6.75: chicken burger, melted cheese, rocket mixed with chopped tomatoes

    HELLOLOOMI £7.25: chicken burger, grilled halloumi and crispy onion rings. (Beef option too)

    SALMON GLAZED £8.45: salmon burger glazed with balsamic & salad

    BORING OLD VEGGIE BURGER £5.45: it's all in the name


> House Specialz

    RIBBY RIBEYE STEAK £9.95: grilled & marinated onions, and peppers underneath your steak that's cooked to your liking served with house salad & crispy fries & onion rings

    BABY SLICED £8.65: whole chicken breast sliced and pan marinated with onion, peppers, tomatoes & chopped garlic on a bed of rice served with salad

    GOURMET WING PLATTER £9.95: gourmet beef/chicken burger, baby gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, creamy tomato sauce with a zest of lemon & cheese served with house salad

    TILLA-SPINNA £7.95: Tortilla Base, grilled salmon, grilled onions, garlic, grilled peppers, tomatoes, creamy tomato sauce woth a zest of lemon & cheese served with house salad

> Sizzling Dishes

    All our dishes are served with mini tortilla wraps with salsa dip, guacamole dip and sour cream dip

    FLAME POLLO SIZZLER £9.95: marinated grilled chicken sauteed with carrot, onion garlic, mix peppers seasoned with special mexican spice

    FILETE SIZZLER £10.95: grilled rib eye steak sauteed with carrot, onion garlic, mix peppers seasoned with special mexican spice

    CORDERSIZZLER £10.95: grilled lamb rump sauteed with carrot, onion garlic, mix peppers seasoned with special mexican spice

    LANGOSTINO SIZZLER £11.95: grilled king prawn sauteed with carrot, onion garlic, mix peppers seasoned with special mexican spice

    HALLOLUMI SIZZLER £8.95: grilled hallolumi cheese, sauteed with carrot, onion garlic, mix peppers seasoned with special mexican spice

> Saucey Selmina Salad

    POMOBERRY £5.95: goats cheese, house green leaves, tomato, cranberry, croutons, seasoned with olive oil & pomegranate vinegar

    CHICKEN-LEMON £6.25: chicken strips, peppers, onions, tomatoes, sweetcorn, olive oil& topped with rocket & tortilla crisp

    MR CAESAR £6.95: chicken on green leaves, croutons, cherry tomatoes, sprinkles with parmesan cheese

    SAUCEY SALMON £6.95: grilled salmon, mixed leaves, red onion, fresh basil, fresh lemon zest, tartar sauce with a glaze of balsamic

> Sides


    ONION RINGS £2.35


    GARLIC BREAD £2.45

    HOUSE SALAD £2.65

> Desserts

    Pancakes with fillings of your choice